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IAIDQ Asia Pacific Webinars: World Quality Day


The DNA of Data Quality


We all know that the form and function of every living thing is defined by the double helix structure of DNA. But did you know that operational form and structure of every enterprise is also defined by a double helix structure?

In this webinar John describes what this structure is and how it lies at the heart of every effective enterprise. It is, in effect, the DNA of the enterprise. Modelling this double helix structure gives you full visibility of everything that an enterprise ought to do and of every item of data that it needs in order to do this.This webinar might call on you to let go of some paradigms that you hold dear.  However, if you are willing to be curious, then you will learn about the power of the most powerful architectural model that any enterprise can have.



About the Author

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John Owens is known as an international thought leader, speaker, advisor, coach, mentor and writer in the fields of data modeling, data quality, MDM, rapid business transformation and function & process modelling. He is the creator of IMM the Integrated Modelling Method, on which he has written a series of five books, which have sold in 16 different countries. His regular blog articles are read in up to 150 different countries. For several years he lectured for Oracle on Business & Data Analysis and Modelling and on Relational Systems Design. John is also a practicing consultant and works with enterprises of all sizes, from family businesses to multi-nationals, in a wide range of sectors on both sides of the globe, including such names as Shell, BP, British Gas, NAM, Credit Lyonnais, London Underground, Oracle and many more.

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About the Author

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Ram Kumar is a senior member of the Chief Analytics Office at Insurance Australia Group (IAG), after having worked as Chief Information Officer,  Group Chief Technology Officer and Senior Enterprise Architect at IAG. Previously Ram worked in the Enterprise Architecture Group of New South Wales Police, and also as Manager of International IT Open Standards Group at the Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards in the USA.

Ram is a member of the board of IAIDQ Asia Pacific.

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