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IDQ Webinars: with Daragh O Brien


Applying Entrepreneurial Thinking to your Information Quality Program


Congratulations. You are now the CEO of a small company selling a service and product into a market that doesn’t know it wants it and may not be sure what it wants even if it knows it wants something.

You are an entrepreneur – whether you realise it, are ready for it, or want it.

This session takes learners through a journey that maps the disciplines of entrepreneurship and start-up business boot strapping to the challenges of establishing, growing, and sustaining your internal Information Quality/Data Governance business.

Based on Daragh’s experience building internal IQ and DG teams in a large telco, with clients, and building a start-up business, this webinar brings together concepts from the field of entrepreneurship and quality management to outline how thinking about your Information Quality change as building a business reframes many of the problems you will face.  The session covers (amongst other things):

  • Developing your business plan
  • Developing your brand and marketing
  • Sustaining your business
  • Pivoting the business – changing internal or external focus.

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About the Author

Daragh O Brien's photo

Daragh O Brien is the Managing Director of Castlebridge Associates (, a leading Information Quality and Governance training and consulting company based in Ireland. Daragh has over a decade and a half of experience in IQ, DG, Data Protection/Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance roles on projects as diverse as CRM Single View (MDM) and Regulatory Compliance and Remediation. Current clients include organisations in National and Local Government, Education, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Oil Distribution.

He is an Information Quality Certified Professional (IQCPSM), a Certified Data Protection Practitioner, and a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Daragh has served on the IAIDQ’s Board of Directors and led the former IAIDQ Irish CoP. He is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide, and has written countless articles on Information Quality topics, as well as maintaining his personal blog ( and the IQTrainwrecks blog ( Daragh has also devised course modules in Information Quality and related disciplines for FETAC ( and Dublin City University (

His most recent publication, The Data Strategy and Governance Toolkit, provides a complete framework for developing an effective information management strategy.

He can be reached via email at daragh [AT]

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About the Author

Robin Rappaport's photo

Robin Rappaport is the Data Quality Team Leader responsible for delivery of the Data Quality Initiative for Research Databases at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Her work and that of her team contributed to the IRS being awarded a Computerworld Honor and a Government Computer News (GCN) Gala Award. She has over 25 years of experience as a Data Quality practitioner. Her undergraduate degree was in Economics with Computer Science. Her graduate work was in Operations Research with a concentration in Mathematical Modeling in Information Systems. She has worked in both private (6 years) and public sectors (since June 1990). Her positions include Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Operations Research Analyst.

In addition to IQ International, the International Association for Information & Data Quality, she is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS). She was Chairman, Individual Membership for the Washington, D.C. chapter from 1987- 1990. She was elected Secretary and served from 1990 - 1991.

Contact Robin by email at robin [dot] rappaport [AT] iaidq [dot] org

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