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IDQ Webinars: with Nigel Turner, VP Information Management Strategy, Trillium Software


Crossing the Chasm: preparing for and delivering enterprise wide data quality & data governance


Data quality and data governance have come of age.  Many organizations are recognizing the strategic benefits of data quality (DQ) improvement and data governance (DG) and are seeking to address them at an enterprise level. Moving from application to enterprise DQ and DG is however a daunting and complex challenge.  Using a case study of a successful enterprise initiative at British Telecommunications (BT) this webinar will outline:

  • How enterprise data quality and data governance contrasts with application level DQ and DG
  • How to set off on the journey towards enterprise DQ and DG
  • How to ensure successful delivery of real benefits to the enterprise
  • Lessons learnt along the way
  • Ten key maxims for success in moving to enterprise wide DQ and DG

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About the Author

Nigel Turner's photo

Nigel Turner has over 20 years of experience Information Management (IM) with specialization in Information Strategy, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Master Data Management. He has created and led large IM & CRM consultancy & delivery practices in multiple consulting organizations including British Telecommunications Group (BT), IPL, and EAC Group. Nigel also has experience in the data quality tools space as Vice President of Information Management Strategy at Harte Hanks Trillium Software, a leading global provider of Data Quality & Data Governance tools and consultancy where he engaged with over 150 customer organisations from all parts of the globe. Nigel is a well-known thought leader in Information Management and has presented at many international conferences in addition to writing numerous white papers and blogs on Information Management topics. Nigel provides education across the IM community, having lectured at Cardiff University on Data Governance and as an active member of DAMA International’s mentoring program, which he was instrumental in founding.

He can be reached at He is based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. 

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