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IAIDQ Publications

The Skills of the Information / Data Quality Professional
November 2011
C. Lwanga Yonke, Christian Walenta and John R. Talburt

What are the skills of an information/data quality practitioner? What differentiates an IQ/DQ professional from professionals of other disciplines?

As part of the Job Analysis/Role Delineation Study it recently conducted, IAIDQ enlisted the help of a broad group of information/data quality practitioners across the globe to develop a consensus answer to these important questions.

This presentation describes the knowledge and skills of an information/quality professional, defined in the context of IQ/DQ framework IAIDQ developed for its Information Quality Certified Professional’s credential (IQCP). These knowledge and skills also form the basis of the certification exam. Beyond this immediate purpose, the IQCP knowledge and skills inventory can be used to define training plans and a career ladder for IQ/DQ staff. For academia, it can also be used to structure information quality curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Presentation delivered at Intenational Conference for Information Quality (ICIQ), Adelaide, Australia, November 2011

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