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One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Business Today
July 2007
Lori L. Silverman

In recent years, organizations have used a variety of cost cutting measures to address the downturn in business. This has resulted in far fewer workers being pushed to work harder and longer hours, and to produce more than ever before. It is no surprise that employee stress and frustration have greatly heightened.

Imagine the impact this is having on their ability to learn, retain, and recall critical information. Information they need to make important decisions. Information they need to respond appropriately to customers. Information they need to follow through quickly on key strategies.

What if I told you there is a communication approach whose benefits far outweigh the singular use of spreadsheets and reports showcasing data and statistics and lists of do's and don'ts? What if I told you it is woefully underutilized, except by enterprises who know its benefits, such as Rush-Copley Medical Center, Microsoft, Kimpton Hotels, Lands' End and Verizon?

What if I told you that it costs next to nothing to use? Would you want to use this approach at work?

  • It makes information more memorable.
  • It strengthens the accurate recall of key points over time.
  • It quickly and successfully conveys the meaning of complex concepts.
  • It captivates people's interest and makes them more attentive listeners.
  • It fosters creativity and enhances problem solving.
  • It communicates information faster.
  • It enhances individual and organizational learning.
  • It makes information more believable.
  • It makes people's jobs and work more meaningful.
  • It strengthens relationships.
  • It engages people's minds, hearts, physical beings and the human spirit.
  • It inspires people to change, to try a new behavior, to let go of an old attitude, to embrace the future, and to take action.