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Believability in the Language of Information Quality
April 2006
Graham Rhind

Whilst reading Daragh O'Brien's article in the January 2006 edition of the IAIDQ newsletter, my attention was caught by the statement that one definition of quality is that the data is believable.

A little research pointed me to the source as being the work of Richard Wang. Very close reading of Wang's work, however, suggests that believability is not a definition of quality but a determination, on the basis of the data's completeness, consistency, credibility and accuracy.

Credibility makes me uncomfortable, being itself based on such unquantifiables as the source of the data, but I can't argue with the other parameters. Since believability is a determination, it is important that such words are either not used, or used only in a context together with their related parameters, especially when communicating with non-information quality professionals.