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Data Quality is Inherently Political!
January 2005
Thomas Redman

Perhaps the question I’m asked most often is “How can I get my management to understand how important quality data is?”

The question comes in many forms. Sometimes it is posed as “How do I get my management to allocate the resources necessary to improve?” Other times as “How do I get them to understand that data are our most important asset?” And still others as “I think I can do a lot if only I can get the support of my colleagues. How do I enlist them?” A final common version of the question is “In some respects I think my management gets it. But we seem to go from one crisis to another and so data quality never makes it to the top of the stack. How do I get them to break out of the crisis du jour mode?”

For data quality professionals, there is no more important question, in whatever form it is posed. For, while each of us can do something on our own, real progress depends on getting a critical mass of the organization involved. There is simply too much data; they are too subtle, too multifaceted, and too fast moving.