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Author(s) Date Title Type of
Greer, Michael and Penning, Melody 2016-09Integration of Legacy Healthcare Electronic Medical Records into a Data WarehouseJournal article
Redman, Tom2016-09Data Provocateurs' Disrupt Organizational MomentumJournal article
Sebastian-Coleman, Laura 2015-12Statistical Process Control and its Relevance in Data Quality Monitoring and ReportingJournal article
Van der Zee, Sikke2015-12A Finance Perspective to COPDQ (cost of poor data quality)Journal article
Gupta, Rajiv; Devassy, Anthony and Kumar, Ram 2014-04Achieving Business Effectiveness and Efficiency through a Comprehensive Information Management Strategic ProgramJournal article
Medved, Joy and Yonke, C. Lwanga2014-04Understanding Adult Learning and Assessing Training Effectiveness: A Primer for Information Quality Change Leaders Journal article
Thomas, Gwen2014-02When You’re Not Ready for Data GovernanceJournal article
Morgenweck, Ralph and Coleman, Rick2013-10Information Quality Act, Peer Review and the Fish and Wildlife Service ExperienceJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2013-10Training – the key to Human Factors in Information Quality and Data GovernanceJournal article
O'Neal, Kelle2013-07Coordinating a Successful Data Governance and Master Data Management Strategy Across the EnterpriseJournal article
Medved, Joy and Yonke, C. Lwanga2013-04Diffusion of Innovations: A Primer for Information Quality Change LeadersJournal article
Johnston, Linton and Robinson, Grant2012-09A National Approach to Water Information StandardsJournal article
Koronios, Andy, Redman, Thomas and Self, Ken 2012-08On-the-Job Data Quality Training at Shell Finance An IQ Journal Interview Journal article
English, Larry2012-04Effective Information Quality Training: An Essential Tool for Building a New Organizational CultureJournal article
Bennett, Adrian2012-03A Quality Journey through 20 KeysJournal article
McGilvray, Danette and Redman, Thomas2012-03“My Life is a Data Quality Battle” Is this how your customers talk about your company?Journal article
O'Neal, Kelle2012-03Practical Formulas for Estimating the Value of Quality DataJournal article
English, Larry2011-10The Information Quality Management Maturity GridJournal article
Galway, Lionel A. and Hanks, Christopher H. 2011-10Classifying Data Quality ProblemsJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2011-10Obscured by Clouds: The Case for and against Cloud-based Information QualityJournal article
Scofield, Michael2011-10Quality in Information Delivery Part 5: What's the Message?Journal article
Howard, Walter2011-07Best Practices for Implementing Data Quality MetricsJournal article
McGilvray, Danette2011-07Case Study: Aera Energy LLC Uses Anecdotes from Knowledge Worker Surveys and Stories to Build the Case for Information QualityJournal article
Redman, Thomas2011-07The Wondrous and Perilous Properties of Data and Information in OrganizationsJournal article
Scofield, Michael2011-07Quality in Information Delivery Part 4: Definitions, Conditions, and FootnotesJournal article
Bell, Steven C. and Orzen, Michael A. 2011-04Case Study: Lean Six Sigma Improves Order Quality at Ingersoll Rand Security TechnologiesJournal article
Perez, Andres2011-04Data Quality Monitoring and Event Management: Defining, Capturing, Correcting & Preventing Data DefectsJournal article
Talburt, John2011-04Connecting Entity Resolution and Information QualityJournal article
Bell, Steven C. and Orzen, Michael A. 2011-01Case Study: Steelcase Inc. Uses Lean Techniques to Improve Product Data Management and QualityJournal article
Berger, David2011-01Ensuring Maintenance Data is Good Enough to Trust: Understanding the Characteristics of Data QualityJournal article
Lee, Yang W; Pipino, Leo L; Funk, James D; Wang, Richard Y. 2011-01Managing Information as Product Part 2: Why Information as By-Product Will Not WorkJournal article
Loshin, David2011-01Evaluating Business Impacts of Poor Data QualityJournal article
Musgrove, John2011-01Information Quality Tips & Best Practices: The IQ Minute – Data Quality Pitfalls in MS ExcelJournal article
O'Brien, Tony2011-01Poor Data Can Cost You Money and Get You SuedJournal article
Scofield, Michael2011-01Quality in Information Delivery Part 3: Common Mistakes in Information Expression (Line Charts & Data with Irregular Time Gaps)Journal article
Lee, Yang W; Pipino, Leo L; Funk, James D; Wang, Richard Y. 2010-10Managing Information as Product Part 1: The Four PrinciplesJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2010-10The Psychology of Performance Part 2 (Are you a Jedi or a Jawa?)Journal article
Redman, Thomas2010-10Ten Habits for Data Quality: Focus on Preventing Errors at the SourceJournal article
Rhind, Graham2010-10Data Quality: Reality and RhetoricJournal article
Scofield, Michael2010-10Quality in Information Delivery Part 2: Common Mistakes in Information Expression (Line Charts & Data with Irregular Time Gaps)Journal article
Walenta, Christian2010-10Making a case for Data QualityJournal article
Chisholm, Malcolm2010-07Is Consistency the Same as Quality in Data Reconciliation?Journal article
Morris, Johny2010-07Data Migration: So Is There a Better Way?Journal article
Musgrove, John2010-07Information Quality Tips & Best Practices: The Information Quality Minute – Initiating the DiscussionJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2010-07Using Mind-maps in Information Quality ManagementJournal article
Redman, Thomas2010-07A Long, Strange Trip Ahead: Process Management and Data QualityJournal article
Scofield, Michael2010-07Quality in Information Delivery Part 1: Common Mistakes in Information Expression (Pie Charts)Journal article
Batini, Carlo and Scannapieco, Monica 2010-04Classifications of Data Quality Costs and BenefitsJournal article
Morris, Johny2010-04Data Quality In Data Migration ProjectsJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2010-04Beyond Scorecards And Measures (Part 1)Journal article
Olson, Jack2010-04Data Quality Assurance: Part 2 – ActivitiesJournal article
Rhind, Graham2010-04Best Practices For High Quality Data From Your Web FormsJournal article
Trapp, Richard2010-04The Non-Traditional Challenges To Achieving Data Quality SuccessJournal article
Walenta, Christian2010-04Getting Engaged in Information Quality ImprovementJournal article
Baškarada, Saša (Sasha)2010-01Information Quality Management Capability Maturity ModelJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2010-01The Psychology of Performance (These aren't the droids you're looking for)Journal article
Olson, Jack2010-01Data Quality Assurance: Part 1 - Goals, Structure, and MethodsJournal article
Rhind, Graham2010-01Better Data Quality from your Web FormsJournal article
Tozer, Guy2010-01The Golden Rules of Data Quality ManagementJournal article
Clarry, Maureen2009-10Power, Politics, and Partnership: Strategies for Information Quality LeadersJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2009-10Key Performance Indicators for Information Quality —How to Measure (Part 2)Journal article
Olson, Jack2009-10Evaluating Data Capture ProcessesJournal article
Rhind, Graham2009-10Data Quality: Perception v. RealityJournal article
Scofield, Michael2009-10Quality of Derived Data Part 2: Ambiguities of Data Definitions and CollectionsJournal article
Tozer, Guy2009-10The Key Principles of Data QualityJournal article
Clarry, Maureen2009-07Power, Politics, and Partnership in Information Quality InitiativesJournal article
Meier, Michael2009-07Caution — Relationship Work AheadJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2009-07Key Performance Indicators for Information Quality Part 1 — What to MeasureJournal article
Sarsfield, Steve2009-07Doctoring Up Your Data with Business MetricsJournal article
Scofield, Michael2009-07Quality of Derived Data. Part 1: Quality of Steps and Calculations Along the Path Journal article
West, Matthew2009-07ISO 8000 — the Emerging Standard for Data QualityJournal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2009-04Data Quality Rules: General Attribute DependenciesJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2009-04Poor Information Quality Will Get You SuedJournal article
Talburt, John2009-04The Myth of Matching: Why We Need Entity ResolutionJournal article
Draschner, Gene and Blake, Elliott2009-01Data Quality: A Perspective from Data Examiners of a Financial RegulatorJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2009-01Why did the Samurai go to Gemba?Journal article
Scofield, Michael2009-01Understanding the Behavior of Keys Part 2Journal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2008-10Data Quality Rules: Rules for State-Dependent ObjectsJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2008-10The Quality of PresentationsJournal article
Redman, Thomas2008-10A Call to the Data and Information Quality Community: The Time is Now!Journal article
Scofield, Michael2008-10Understanding the Behavior of KeysJournal article
McGilvray, Danette2008-07Data CategoriesJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2008-07Data Protection and its Information Quality ImplicationsJournal article
Scofield, Michael2008-07Looking at the Data! What a Concept!Journal article
English, Larry2008-04To a High IQ! Information Quality Management: Job Position RolesJournal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2008-04Data Quality Rules: Rules for Event HistoriesJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2008-04The Long Tail of RiskJournal article
Scofield, Michael2008-04About 'About' (or Ambiguity versus the Illusion of Precision in Tabular Databases)Journal article
English, Larry2008-01To a High IQ! Information Quality Applied to Internet and e-Business InformationJournal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2008-01Data Quality Rules: Rules for Historical DataJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2008-01Information Quality and the Bottom Line: A Case Study (Part 2)Journal article
English, Larry2007-09To a High IQ! Information Governance: Controlling Information as a Strategic Enterprise ResourceJournal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2007-09Data Quality Rules: Relational Integrity ConstraintsJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2007-09Poor Information Quality can Get You SuedJournal article
Raab, David2007-09Measuring the Value of Data Quality in Terms a CFO Can UnderstandJournal article
English, Larry2007-07To a High IQ! Information Stewardship Information Systems’ Accountabilities for Information CapabilityJournal article
Maydanchik, Arkady2007-07Data Quality Rules: An IntroductionJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2007-07IQ Governance: A Common Law PerspectiveJournal article
Redman, Thomas2007-07What does it mean to “Manage Your Information and Data Assets”?Journal article
Silverman, Lori2007-07One of the Best-Kept Secrets in Business TodayJournal article
Stiglich, Pete2007-07Enabling High Quality Analytics through a Data Validity DimensionJournal article
Dy, Michelle2007-04The Role of a Data Warehouse in Your Organization's Data Quality InitiativeJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2007-04Information Quality and the Bottom Line: A Case Study (Part 1)Journal article
English, Larry2007-01To a High IQ! Information Stewardship: Accountability for Information QualityJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2007-01The Freakish World of Root Cause AnalysisJournal article
Redman, Thomas2007-01The Body Has a Heart and Soul: Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Data OfficerJournal article
Snow, Alan2007-01A Holistic Approach to Measuring Information QualityJournal article
Underdown, Keith2007-01Data ArchetypesJournal article
English, Larry2006-10To a High IQ! Information Presentation Quality: Assessing Quality of the Communication of InformationJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2006-10IQ in the Language of Business: Part 4 — Series Wrap-up and SummaryJournal article
Redman, Thomas2006-10The Body has a Head: Roles and Responsibilities of the Data CouncilJournal article
English, Larry2006-07To a High IQ! Information Content Quality: Assessing the Quality of the Information ProductJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2006-07IQ in the Language of Business: Part 3 — Getting IQ on the MapJournal article
Redman, Thomas2006-07Who's Responsible for Data Quality?Journal article
English, Larry2006-04To a High IQ! IQ Characteristics: Information Definition QualityJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2006-04IQ in the Language of Business: Part 2 — Parlez-vous accountant?Journal article
Rhind, Graham2006-04Believability in the Language of Information QualityJournal article
English, Larry2006-01To a High IQ! Information Quality Principles: Management AccountabilityJournal article
O Brien, Daragh2006-01IQ in the Language of Business: Part 1 — Reframing Information QualityJournal article
Redman, Thomas and Schwartz, Leon2006-01Mind Your F's and P'sJournal article
Robinson, Grant2006-01Password Security and Information QualityJournal article
English, Larry2005-10To a High IQ! Information Quality Principles: Scientific methods for IQJournal article
Redman, Thomas2005-10The Motivation of IndividualsJournal article
Wandt, Holger2005-10The Art of Intelligent Name InterpretationJournal article
English, Larry2005-07To a High IQ! Information Quality Principles: Customer Focus—the beginning and the end of IQJournal article
Redman, Thomas2005-07Understanding the Rancor between IT and “the Business”Journal article
Reed, Ben2005-07Enterprise Data Modeling: 10 Mistakes to AvoidJournal article
Villari, Alberto2005-07Data Quality and The Business — The Data and Information Quality Function: Where should this be positioned within your organization?Journal article
English, Larry2005-04To a High IQ! Defining Information Quality: More than meets the eyeJournal article
Loshin, David2005-04Best Practices: Business Value, Business Rules and Information Quality MetricsJournal article
Prevosto, Virginia and Marotta, Peter 2005-04Best Practices: For the Want of a Nail the Kingdom was Lost...Mother Goose was Right: Profit by Best (Data Quality) PracticesJournal article
Redman, Thomas2005-04The Politics of Data is Growing ... and it is a Sign of ProgressJournal article
English, Larry2005-01To a High IQ! Process Improvement: Core Competency for IQ/DQ ProfessionalsJournal article
Redman, Thomas2005-01Data Quality is Inherently Political!Journal article
Rhind, Graham2005-01A Data Quality Solution? I can't even see a problemJournal article

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