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Industry Report:
The State of Information and Data Governance: Understanding How Organizations Govern their Information and Data Assets
April 2008
Elizabeth Pierce, Wendell Scott Dismute, and C. Lwanga Yonke

This report discusses the findings of a survey designed to gain insight into how today’s organizations are governing their data and information assets. The survey was jointly conducted in late 2007 by the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and the Information Quality Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR-IQ). The goal of the survey was to help professionals from all disciplines to:

  • discern the major trends in information / data governance
  • identify the structure and focus of existing information / data governance efforts
  • assess perceptions regarding the effectiveness and maturity of these efforts

The intent of this report is to describe the objectives and activities that many enterprises are pursuing as part of their information / data governance efforts. By investigating how organizations across the world are defining and implementing information / data governance processes, we hope to provide a map of the existing landscape that others can draw upon as a guide as well as establishing a baseline for future comparisons.  The report is deliberately more descriptive than prescriptive.  In other words, its main focus is to present and describe the survey findings.  For the most part, the report avoids prescriptions about what data governance leaders should do.  We hope the report stimulates a vigorous conversation about implications and prescriptions.

IAIDQ and the MSIQ Program at UALR thank the many people who took the survey.