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Data Quality Monitoring and Event Management: Defining, Capturing, Correcting & Preventing Data Defects
April 2011
Andres Perez

Is your organization spending large amounts of money, time, and human resources implementing data integration processes? Are the customers of the new data structures satisfied with the information they are getting? Can your organization easily identify and correct the information defects that impact your customers?

Most Internet, ERP, and data warehouse implementations experience significant information defects that negatively, and many times acutely, impact their intended customers. Efforts to detect and correct these defects frequently require the maintainance or enhancement of data integration processes that move the data from its sources to the new data structure. Defect correction in data integration processes, however, is frequently a trial-and-error, time-consuming, and error-prone process. Some data integration processes are so complex and difficult to maintain that many organizations resort to “after the fact” data correction techniques, adding to the overall complexity of the environment.

Fortunately, there is an approach that can help. Event Management techniques allow us to manage and control data integration and similar processes. By using event management techniques to continuously monitor and report data quality levels, we obtain information that can guide our efforts to improve the reliability, maintainability, and trustworthiness of these processes. Defect detection and correction are not only possible but highly effective. The organization can manage and control the most significant information defects, their impact, frequency, and location within the data integration process.

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