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Evaluating Data Capture Processes
October 2009
Jack Olson

The process point at which data is captured represents the single most important place data can be made accurate or inaccurate. All data capture points need to be identified and examined. Some data are only captured once. Some are captured and then updated on an exception basis. Some data are captured and the business object updated or enhanced through a workflow process that may occur over a long period of time.

Some of these points may take on multiple forms.
For example, an order may be entered by the actual customer over the Internet, entered by a recording clerk from a form received in the mail, or entered by a company sales representative through a company client server application. This example shows three very different and distinct ways of entering the same business object.

Building a diagram of the data paths of a business object, identifying the distinct points of data capture, and specifying the characteristics of each is a time-consuming but extremely important task.

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