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Training – the key to Human Factors in Information Quality and Data Governance
October 2013
Daragh O Brien

We are in the middle of a skills crunch in Information Management. Specifically we are in the middle of a skills crunch in the areas of Information Quality and Data Governance. The wider lack of skilled resources in the IT sector, coupled with the traditional high demand for IT and Information Management skills internationally, has butted up against the harsh reality that Information Quality and Data Governance roles require a wider skill set than just raw technical nous.

This creates a challenge for organisations. To spin up Information Quality or Data Governance projects at the accelerated pace that is required (particularly when organisations have been historically ignoring the elephant in the room that is information quality) requires investment in increasingly expensive and scarce consulting resources. However, even when the organisation can get the consulting resources they need to be careful to get the right consulting resources or they risk body-shopping for technologists when they might require change managers and strategic leaders.

Of course, that assumes that it is possible to buy in leadership on a contract. But the "leader" will focus on a defined project scope and objectives, and on minimising the risk to their employer (the consultancy) while delivering to the terms of the contract scope. It ignores the uncomfortable fact that buying in your experts means that you have to keep paying the experts if you don't invest in training your own people first.