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Data Protection and its Information Quality Implications
July 2008
Daragh O Brien

In recent years, both sides of the Atlantic have seen a number of high profile losses of personal data (and doubtless in other areas that don’t get as much publicity).

In the simplest analysis, there are two basic schools of thought around Data Protection. The first, which I call the ‘US model,’ evolved reactively through the addition of data privacy provisions in disparate pieces of legislation. Each piece of legislation was introduced in reaction to a specific issue or context, 5 and each State has slightly different standards.

The other school of thought is the ‘European model,’ which is based on the fundamental right to privacy as enshrined in the European Charter on Human Rights. Unlike it’s more reactive US counterpart, the European model sets out a prescriptive set of principles and guidelines against which organisations that process personal data can check their conduct to ensure they are meeting the expectations of privacy and protection of personal data.

Daragh O Brien demonstrates how collecting more customer data than you actually need can have Data Protection compliance implications.