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IQ in the Language of Business:
Part 2 — “Parlez-vous Accountant?”
April 2006
Daragh O Brien

In the first article in this series (see IAIDQ Newsletter Jan 2006 issue), I introduced the concept of reframing, and the importance of establishing proper context in any communication or behavior change effort.

I showed how the term Information Quality Management, to an extent, has created a context and a ‘mental map' that has backed us into a corner. By failing to put first things first, and by de-emphasizing the actions of Management while highlighting the nature of Information, we have created a context that hampers our efforts to persuade executives and mobilize IQ efforts.

However, by reframing IQM and by putting first things first, i.e., by placing the focus on the management of quality information, we can alter the context, and can start creating common ground for communication and understanding.