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Data Migration: So Is There a Better Way?
July 2010
Johny Morris

This article discusses the inadequacies of a traditional techno-centric approach to Data Migration, examines the common pitfalls, and suggests an approach that greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Data Migration is the movement of data from one system (or more commonly many systems) to a new repository.

The systems from which data is moved are commonly referred to as Legacy Systems. This makes us feel better when discussing their inadequacies – we didn‘t build them, we just inherited them!

In this article, we are not concerned with simple version upgrades to existing systems, since there are industry-standard tools and methods for these projects that are already proven in practice. Instead, this article is concerned with the essential “one off” move of data from Legacy system/s to Target system/s where there is no established path or single tool available.

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