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Effective Information Quality Training: An Essential Tool for Building a New Organizational Culture
April 2012
Larry English

The successful implementation of an effective and sustainable Information Quality environment requires a new organizational culture, and effective training is an essential component for building that new culture. This finding is confirmed by Brown, Hitchcock, and Willard[1], who identified wasted education and training as one of the four major causes of failure in implementing Total Quality Management.

They further describe the cause of failure as training at the wrong time, with the wrong purpose, with the wrong personnel, or with trainees not applying their new skills. Such shortcomings can cause Management to perceive quality and information quality as cost-adding activities. In this article, we further discuss this failure cause, and prescribe best practices for effective IQ training.

[1] Brown, Mark, Hitchcock, D.E., Willard, M.L. (1994) “Why TQM Fails and What To Do About It”, Chicago: Irwin Professional Publishing, p.2f

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