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Data Quality: A Perspective from Data Examiners of a Financial Regulator
January 2009
Gene Draschner & Elliott Blake

Just as institutions are, more than ever, becoming aware of the importance of data quality, regulators are shifting toward a more comprehensive view when evaluating an institution's data quality. The purpose of this article is to explore this more complete view of data quality and begin to lay out a framework for evaluating data quality at regulated institutions.

We propose six principles to guide our data quality evaluation strategy.

  1. build on the institution's work
  2. perform risk-based examinations
  3. define data from repositories to management reports
  4. identify issues, but leave issue resolution up to institution
  5. ensure safety and soundness; don't manage the business
  6. treat all institutions equally

Our goal is to engage all interested parties in a discussion that can help shape an approach to data quality evaluation that satisfies these principles.