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Get involved with IAIDQ

  • Develop or enhance your leadership skills
  • Grow your professional network by working with others around the world
  • Contribute to the growth and maturity of the IQ/DQ discipline
  • Contribute to the success of IAIDQ
  • Be part of something special as you live and demonstrate IAIDQ’s core values of Customer, Community, Commitment, Collaboration and Continuous Improvement.

Active members are the lifeblood of any thriving professional association!

Publicity Team


Write and issue internal communications such as the Monthly Communication email, articles for the IAIDQ News Section of the quarterly Newsletter.

Develop and implement marketing plan for the various IAIDQ events, products and services or fundraising activities. Develop and issue press releases and targeted communications to IAIDQ stakeholders. Contribute to the IAIDQ online presence in blogs, IQtrainwrecks, social network groups etc. Promote the association in order to recruit new members.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Creative thinker and communicator.
  • Prior experience in marketing, public relations, journalism, or as a blogger.
  • Or desire to enhance skills in these areas.

To volunteer for this team, please send an email to IAIDQ Director of Publicity.