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Journal Editor

IAIDQ normally publishes the IQ journal every quarter.

The role of the Journal Editor is to prepare and publish the journal. We publish in two forms:

  1. a printable PDF
  2. each articles in web HTML format

Tasks involved:

  • Formatting article to Journal layout and style
  • Copy-editing the article. The time required for this step varies significantly depending on the article length as well as the author's writing style. In all cases, send the edited + formatted version back to the author for their approval before publication.
  • Iterations with Authors. This phase of the review process can take longer; for example, when an author decides to do quite a bit of rewriting based on the feedback. When that happens, it's like reviewing a new article all over again when they resubmit.
  • Message from President.
  • Assembling the Issue.
  • Work with webmaster to prepare online version of Journal. Checking the online version of the articles.

A typical issue will have Message from President, Message from Editor, and three articles, though there have been issues where we have as many as five articles in a single edition. 

Time estimate

Around 10 hours of effort per quarter would be the minimum (excluding the time spent communicating with authors via email), with ~15 hours being more typical. 


To volunteer for this team, please send an email to volunteer [A'T]