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Position description
Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Executive Officer is not a Director or Advisor as defined within the Bylaws of the Association.
The Executive Officer may be an unpaid volunteer, or compensated subject to conditions set from time to time by the Board of Directors.

Required commitment per month

Minimum of 40 hours per month

Goals of position

  • Provides day to day management of the Association together with managed staff (Administrative service officer)
  • Responsible for the implementation of programs as prioritized by BOD
  • Ensure adherence to any compliance requirements and business controls
  • Provides support to assist all directors

Key activities

Association management

  • Implement business strategy and initiatives as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Establish the plans to execute and achieve IAIDQ business goals
  • Organize and run meetings of the Board of Directors and take minutes of the meetings
  • Maintain records of the Association
  • Steward of published operating procedures and IAIDQ forms
  • Establish operating procedures by working with the BOD members and teams
  • Define and maintain key performance indicators for BOD
  • Supervise IAIDQ Administrative Services officer
  • Maintain relations with Chapters
  • Look for volunteers to assist in role and develop a succession plan


  • Provide and Ensure appropriate business controls and check and balance of IAIDQ business
  • Processing IAIDQ memberships including processing credit cards, depositing membership checks, sending membership cards, filing and maintaining membership files
  • Managing the renewal of memberships, and determining reasons for failure to renew

Publicity and communications

  • Implement IAIDQ marketing plan via website, broadcast email, social media
  • Maintain mailing lists
  • Prepare and send monthly eNews and other broadcast emails as required
  • Respond to queries by telephone, mail and email


  • Assist Director of Events in planning, coordinating and delivering events
  • Maintain calendar of events

Member Services

  • Administer IQCP program and managed interaction with IQCP applicants as well as service providers
  • Assist Director of Member Services in delivering services, as required, including:
    • IQ Journal
    • IDQ Webinars
    • Records for certification (IQCP) program

People responsible to this position

  • Administrative Services officer