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IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter

Vol. 6 Issue 2—April 2010

In this edition…

From the IAIDQ President

By: Christian Walenta, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor-in-Chief

By: Michelle C. Dy, Editor-in-Chief, IAIDQ Newsletter

Data Quality Assurance: Part 2 - Activities

By: Jack Olson

Jack Olson completes his two-part series on Data Quality Assurance. Part Two focuses on the Activities that any Data Quality Assurance program can engage in to bring about data quality improvements.

The Non-Traditional Challenges To Achieving Data Quality Success

By: Richard Trapp

Richard Trapp, in his article entitled The Non-Traditional Challenges to Achieving Data Quality Success, identifies eight challenges in four distinct data quality gap areas, and presents considerations for overcoming them.

Data Quality In Data Migration Projects

By: Johny Morris

Johny Morris expounds on his Practical Data Migration (PDM) approach and explains how such an approach addresses Data Quality in Data Migration Projects.

Best Practices For High Quality Data From Your Web Forms

By: Graham Rhind

Graham Rhind shares Best Practices for High Quality Data from Web Forms to counter poor designs and improve the quality of the data our forms collect.

Beyond Scorecards And Measures (Part 1)

By: Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien goes Beyond Scorecards and Measures in a new series that explores the issue of Motivation and Leadership in Data Quality Management. Part 1 appears in this issue and focuses on Motivation.

Classifications Of Data Quality Costs And Benefits

By: Carlo Batini And Monica Scannapieco

Carlo Batini and Monica Scannapieco survey existing Classifications of Data Quality Costs and Benefits and present an integrated classification model that can be used as checklists during cost-benefit analysis activities.

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This Issue’s Editor: C. Lwanga Yonke, Michelle C. Dy

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April 2010