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IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter

Vol. 5 Issue 4—October 2009

In this edition…

From the IAIDQ President

By: Christian Walenta, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor-in-Chief

By: Michelle C. Dy, Editor-in-Chief, IAIDQ Newsletter

Power, Politics, and Partnership: Strategies for Information Quality Leaders

By: Maureen Clarry, is the Founder and President/CEO of CONNECT: The Knowledge Network.

Maureen Clarry continues her Power, Politics, and Partnership series by providing concrete strategies that Information Quality Leaders can adopt to counter systematic, dysfunctional patterns of organizational behaviour.

Evaluating Data Capture Processes

By: Jack Olson

Jack Olson believes that data capture processes are the single most important place where data can be made accurate or inaccurate. His article gives us a checklist that we can use to evaluate our own data capture processes.

Data Quality: Perception v. Reality

By: Graham Rhind

Graham Rhind highlights key findings from a Data Quality survey commissioned from MCC International Ltd by Capscan. Read the survey results to compare your own organization against survey respondents.

Quality of Derived Data. Part 2: Ambiguities of Data Definitions and Collections

By: Michael Scofield, is a coach focusing on governance and quality issues at WhiteLake Data Management.

Michael Scofield completes his two-part series on the Quality of Derived Data, and explains why attention must be given to the way data are summarized and manipulated if decision-makers are to receive meaningful information.

The Key Principles of Data Quality

By: Guy Tozer

Guy Tozer presents six key principles by which any organization's data architecture can be judged, and outlines the possible implications of each principle in a typical systems environment.

Key Performance Indicators for Information Quality Part 2 — How to Measure

By: Daragh O Brien, IAIDQ's Director for Publicity, is Chief Executive of Castlebridge Associates, in the Irish Republic

Daragh O Brien, in Part 2 of his series on KPIs for Information Quality, describes practical considerations when deciding how best to summarize raw metrics data into information quality measures.

DQ Asia Pacific 2009: an Opportunity for Networking

By: Nonna Milmeister

Nonna Milmeister shares insights gleaned from the Data Quality Asia Pacific Conference. This article is a must-read for anyone who's still debating whether or not to attend the 2010 IDQ Conference in San Diego.

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This Issue’s Editor: C. Lwanga Yonke, Michelle C. Dy

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October 2009