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IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter

Vol. 4 Issue 2— April 2008

In this edition…

Table of contents [PDF]

From the IAIDQ President [PDF]

By: Christian Walenta, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor in Chief [PDF]

By: Michelle C. Dy, Editor-in-Chief, IAIDQ Newsletter

Information Quality Management: Job Position Roles

By: Larry P. English, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, is President and Principal of INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc., Brentwood, TN

Larry English provides a detailed and comprehensive description of the structure and roles that an Information Quality Management organization must have.

The Long Tail of Risk

By: Daragh O Brien, IAIDQ's VP for Publicity and Recruitment, is a Senior Project Manager at eircom, the leading telco in the Irish Republic

Daragh O Brien provides a compelling business case for applying Continuous Improvement principles to Information Quality.

About 'About' (or Ambiguity versus the illusion of Precision in tabular databases)

By: Michael Scofield, is manager of Data Asset Development at ESRI, a geospatial software company in Redlands CA

Michael Scofield highlights the importance of capturing the ambiguity of data – a requirement that tabular database designs often fail to address.

Data Quality Rules: Rules for Event Histories

By: Arkady Maydanchik, co-founder of Data Quality Group, is a recognized pioneer, author, and educator in the field of data quality and information integration.

In the fourth installment of his series of book excerpts, Arkady Maydanchik demonstrates how we can derive data quality rules from event dependencies, conditions, and constraints.

Book review: Data Quality Assessment by Arkady Maydanchik

By: Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, is President of Navesink Consulting Group, based in Little Silver, NJ

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18 April 2008