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IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter

Vol. 4 Issue 1— January 2008

In this edition…

Table of contents [PDF]

From the IAIDQ President [PDF]

By: Lisa Flint Dodson, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor in Chief [PDF]

By: Michelle C. Dy, Editor-in-Chief, IAIDQ Newsletter


Information Quality Applied to Internet and e-Business Information

By: Larry P. English, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, is President and Principal of INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc., Brentwood, TN

Larry English provides tips for Internet and e-Business Information by
sharing an excerpt from his upcoming book, Information Quality Applied:
Best Practices for Improving Business Information, Processes and Systems

Data Quality Rules: Rules for Historical Data

By: Arkady Maydanchik, co-founder of Data Quality Group, is a recognized pioneer, author, and educator in the field of data quality and information integration.

Arkady Maydanchik continues his series of book excerpts with Data Quality Rules: Rules for Historical Data. In this, his third article, he demonstrates how time-dependent attributes usually follow predictable patterns that can be checked using data quality rules.

Information Quality and Bottom Line — Part 2

By: Daragh O Brien, IAIDQ's VP for Publicity and Recruitment, is a Senior Project Manager at eircom, the leading telco in the Irish Republic

Daragh O Brien concludes his two-part series on Information Quality and
the Bottom-Line by sharing lessons that we can all learn from, based on his experiences as a Dell customer.

Association News [PDF]

  • Outgoing board member Dave Wilson recaps the highly successful 2007 IDQ Conference with a Conference Report, and asks us to mark our calendars for the 2008 IDQ Conference in San Antonio Texas.
    [Editor’s note: if you missed the 2007 conference, Dave’s article points to where you can still buy copies of the proceedings.]
  • Check our Association News section of a list of Forthcoming IDQ Events.
  • Members are invited to respond to our Call for Contributions for upcoming issues of this newsletter. We are especially interested in hearing from IQ practitioners who have stories to share. Submission guidelines are available on the last page of this newsletter.

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22 January 2008