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IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter

Vol. 1 Issue 2 April 2005

In this edition...

Table of contents [PDF]

From the IAIDQ President [PDF]

By: Ben Reed, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor in Chief [PDF]

By: Michelle C. Dy, Editor-in-Chief IAIDQ Newsletter

To a High IQ! Defining Information Quality: More than meets the eye

By: Larry P. English, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, is President and Principal of INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc., Brentwood, TN

Larry English peels away the layers around the concepts of Information Quality and Information Quality Management to give us a sound conceptual framework and foundation for our Information Quality efforts.

The politics of data is growing ... and it is a sign of progress

By: Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, is President of Navesink Consulting Group, based in Little Silver, NJ

Dr. Tom Redman concludes his two-part series on the Politics of Data by sharing new ways to view the ages-old problem of organizational politics. You can download Part 1 of his series from the newsletter’s January 2005 issue.

Best practices: Business value, business rules and information quality metrics

By: David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity Inc. headquartered in the greater Washington, DC area

David Loshin walks us through a practical approach for defining and measuring information quality, by going beyond traditional data profiling approaches and producing metrics that are worthy of senior management attention.

Best practices: For the want of a nail the kingdom was lost...Mother Goose was right: Profit by Best (Data Quality) Practices

By: Virginia Prevosto and Peter Marotta, principals in the Consulting and Research Department of ISO, based in Jersey City, N.J.

Virginia Prevosto and Peter Marotta share best practices from their company’s own experiences in managing one of the largest private databases in the world.

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17th IQ Conference
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8 April 2005