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International calendar of conferences and events

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The IAIDQ lists various information quality or data quality events as a convenience to its members and the information quality practitioner community, arranging for member discounts where possible. IAIDQ may be a media partner for specific events. The IAIDQ makes every effort to vet proposed events for quality and value to our members, however the Association is not responsible for the quality of the content of events run by 3rd parties.  Persons considering a given educational event should evaluate the potential educational value based upon a self assessment of the content and the experience and qualifications of the instructor or speakers.

IAIDQ and partner association events Events run by other organisations which offer a discount to IAIDQ members Events run by our sponsors

2012 events

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Date Event Location  
2012-01-17 IDQ Webinar with Nigel Turner
Crossing the Chasm: preparing for and delivering enterprise wide data quality & data governance
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-01-19 Data Quality day 2011 and Data Quality Award
Organized by BI-Community
Céroux-Mousty, Belgium
BI Community
2012-02-06: 2012-02-07 Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2012 London UK Gartner BI SUmmit 2012
2012-02-08: 2012-02-09 Gartner Master Data Management Summit 2012 London UK Gartner BI SUmmit 2012
2012-02-17 IQCP Boot Camp Session 1
The Gurus (Core Quality Principles and Information Quality Thought Leaders).
Boot Camp
2012-02-22 IQCP Boot Camp Session 2
Thinking strategically about Information and Data
Boot Camp
2012-02-24 IQCP Boot Camp Session 3
Change Management: Principles, Practices, Tools and Techniques
Boot Camp
2012-02-28 IDQ Webinar with Gian Di Loreto
An Overview of Data Profiling Tools Available From DataFlux,Talend and Trillium
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-02-29 IQCP Boot Camp Session 4
Leading a team
Boot Camp
2012-03-02 IQCP Boot Camp Session 5
How adults learn, what to teach, and how ideas spread
Boot Camp
2012-03-09 IQCP Boot Camp Session 6
Information Management basics
Boot Camp
2012-03-20 IDQ Webinar with Arkady Maydanchik
The Art of Building Effective Data Quality Scorecards
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-03-27 IAIDQ Asia Pacific General Meeting
5.15 pm at Data Quality Asia Pacific Congress
Citigate Central Hotel, 159-179 Thomas St, Sydney, Australia IAIDQ APAC
2012-03-27: 2012-03-29 Data Quality Asia Pacific
Organized by Ark Group
20% discount to IAIDQ members
Sydney, NSW Australia DQAP 2012
2012-04-23: 2012-04-25 Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012 |
Data Governance Conference Europe 2012
Organized by IRM UK (IAIDQ Affliiate)
10% discount to IAIDQ members
London, England, UK DG2012
2012-04-25 IAIDQ General Meeting
8am at MDM / DG conference London
London, England, UK IAIDQ
2012-04-24 IDQ Webinar with Piyush Malik
Big Data Governance – The next frontier for the information economy
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-05-22 IDQ Webinar with Alexander Borek
Incorporating Risk management in Information Quality management -– Total information Risk Management
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-05-24: 2012-05-25 HealthTech NextGen, San Francisco, USA
San Francisco, USA   HealthTech NextGen
2012-06-18: 2012-06-22 Data Management and Information Access
E&P Tech
15% discount to IAIDQ members
Aberdeen, Scotland   EP Tech Data
2012-06-25: 2012-06-28 DGIQ Conference 2012
Organized by IAIDQ, DebTech International, DataVersity
Join IAIDQ NOW to get significant discounts
San Diego, CA USA DGIQ Conference
2012-06-29 IAIDQ Asia Pacific Webinar with Aijay Lamela
Using FMEA to define data quality standards
Organised by IAIDQ Asia Pacific
Webinar IAIDQ Asia Pacific
2012-07-17: 2012-07-20 The CDO and Information Quality Symposium
(Formerly known as the MIT IQ Industry Symposium)
Organized by MITIQ and the International Conference on Information Quality
Cambridge MA USA MITIQ
2012-07-18 IDQ Webinar with Kelle O'Neal
Aligning the Organization for Data Governance Success
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-08-28 IDQ Webinar with Daragh O Brien
Drive IQ Change from the Inside Out
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-08-28: 2012-08-29 Big Data Analytics Conference Melbourne
10% discount to IAIDQ members (on top of early-bird and group discounts)
Melbourne Vic, Australia Big Data
2012-09-25 IDQ Webinar with Dave Becker
Flexible & Generic DQ Metrics, Measurements & Assessments
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-10-16 IDQ Webinar with Peter Aiken
Show Me the Money: The Business Value of Data and ROI
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-10-23: 2012-10-25 ECCMA Conference
13th Annual Data Quality Solutions Summit
5% discount to IAIDQ members;
$450 registration for IAIDQ student members --
ECCMA Conference discount code [IAIDQ member login required]
Santa Barbara CA, USA ECCMA
2012-11-05: 2012-11-07 Data Management, Information Quality, and
Data Warehouse & Business
Intelligence Conferences

Organized by IRM UK (IAIDQ Affliiate)
10% discount to IAIDQ members
London, England, UK DM&IQ Conference
2012-11-08 IDQ Webinar
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars
2012-11-12: 2012-11-15 Data Modeling Zone
Sharpen your data modeling skills and Connect with the community!
20% discount to IAIDQ members --
DMZ discount code [IAIDQ member login required]
2012-11-16: 2012-11-17 The 17th International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ 2012)
Organised by CNAM and ExQI

Discount for IAIDQ members who register between 15 and 29 October (Use ExQI price point at time of registation)
Paris, France ICIQ 2012
ICIQ 2012
2012-11-23: 2012-11-25 Coinfo2012: 7th International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology
50% discount for registration for IAIDQ members
Nanjing, China coinfo2012
2012-12-19 IDQ Webinar with Dr Elizabeth Pierce and panel
The State of Information and Data Quality 2012 Industry Survey & Report
Organized by IAIDQ
Webinar IDQ webinars


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