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Position description

The President serves as IAIDQ's leader. The President's principal role is to guide the IAIDQ as it develops into a healthy, effective not-for-profit enterprise and to successfully establish and accomplish its mission.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Lead the IAIDQ Board of Directors (BOD) and guide the businesses of the IAIDQ
  • Responsible for effective governance structure of the BOD and the IAIDQ
  • Lead the updates to IAIDQ Business strategy and annual development IAIDQ Business priorities and plans
  • Manage BOD directors and provide organizational leadership
  • Engage effectively the IAIDQ Advisory Council
  • Accountable for ensuring that IAIDQ provides value to its members in accordance with its vision, mission and goals.
  • Lead critical IAIDQ projects, such as the Certification project in 2009.