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Position description
Director of Member Services

Required commitment per month

Position requires minimum of 25 hours per month. (Bylaws state directors must be prepared to spend from 20-30 hours per month on IAIDQ activities)

Goals of position

  • Responsible for the conduct of the association in responding to members
  • Responsible for the provision of services and support to members

Key activities

  • Act as a point of contact for any member wishing to learn more about the organization, wanting to contribute to the association and desiring to find resources and services provided by the association.
  • Seek out services and offerings to enrich the experience of the members and will coordinate and lead such developments.
  • Develop chapters to allow members with a common focus of interest or a common geography to come together.
  • Ensure there is adequate communication between members and the organization as a whole.
  • Encourage feedback about the association in order that membership services can be best arranged to satisfy members and deliver member value and benefit.

People who support this position

  • Executive Officer