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Position description
Director of Information Services

Required commitment per month

Position requires minimum of 25 hours per month. (Bylaws state directors must be prepared to spend from 20-30 hours per month on IAIDQ activities)

Goals of position

The Director of Information Services is responsible for all the Internet based communications systems of the IAIDQ, including:

  • Responsible for the Information Technology and services used by the IAIDQ, including selection of strategic tooling, development or acquisition of new information services and maintenance and support.
  • Current Information Services or needs include the IAIDQ web site and modernizing of current web presence, provision of a content management system to support IAIDQ and COP’s.
  • Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, technical support for web site, stewardship of all IAIDQ domain names, managing IAIDQ email accounts and IAIDQ aliases to other email addresses with support from the Director of Operations, maintain and support broadcast email system
  • Maintain, coordinate and provide online discussion / collaboration tools
  • Collaborate with all board members for publishing business papers on secure BOD area of web
  • Support Director of Member Services in online delivery of IAIDQ products to members
  • Support Director of Operations with a membership database integrated with members zone access and collaboration tools
  • Stewardship of web accountabilities (RACI) document