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Position description
Director of Event Services

The Director of Event Services is a Director of the Association. Appointment and performance is subject to the Bylaws of the Association.
The Director of Event Services is an unpaid volunteer position.

Required commitment per month

Position requires minimum of 25 hours per month. (Bylaws state directors must be prepared to spend from 20-30 hours per month on IAIDQ activities)

Goals of position

  • Co-ordination, development, planning, execution and support of IAIDQ or IAIDQ co-sponsored events such as conferences, symposia or similar, including virtual events.
  • Strategic responsibility for identifying and developing events to promote and develop the IAIDQ in current areas represented by members and in new markets.
  • Maintain a ‘global’ perspective in developing events
  • Assist chapters develop on-the-ground capabilities to deliver events

Key activities

  • Co-ordinate Board liaison with IAIDQ symposia, conferences, and other events, including international, country-wide, regional and local events;
  • Responsible for contract negotiations for conference partners, vendors and IAIDQ employees or volunteers;
  • Co-ordinate with Chief Marketing Officer, the planning, resourcing and execution of IAIDQ activities at events and the effective marketing of events;
  • Responsible for relationships with other professional conferences and events that share/complement IAIDQ goals and principles;
  • Develop IAIDQ conferences and events in the USA and other target markets identified by the Board.
  • Monitor performance of conferences and events organised by IAIDQ;
  • Report on conference and event activities and results to IAIDQ Board of Directors, and where necessary develop reporting mechanisms and metrics;
  • Accountable for planning and execution of events.
  • Look for volunteers to assist in role and develop a succession plan

People who support this position

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Member Services
  • Executive Officer