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Position description
Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer is a Director of the Association. Appointment and performance is subject to the Bylaws of the Association.
The Chief Marketing Officer is an unpaid volunteer position.

Required commitment per month

Position requires minimum of 25 hours per month. (Bylaws state directors must be prepared to spend from 20-30 hours per month on IAIDQ activities)

Goals of position

  • The presentation of a consistent brand image for the IAIDQ across all media
  • Responsible for overall IAIDQ marketing strategy and programs
  • The development of clearly communicated and communicable messages that describe and illustrate key elements of the IAIDQ’s core brand values
  • The continuous improvement of our brand message to ensure that it consistently meets or exceeds the expectations of members and the ‘Information Consumer’.
  • Frequent and effective publicity for all IAIDQ events or IAIDQ supported activities world-wide.
  • The recruitment of new members through joint initiatives with other Directors, Chapter or Partner organisations.

Key activities

  • Develop and execute IAIDQ Marketing and communications Plan
  • Direct and Manage the content team of volunteers
  • Oversee and implement plans, programs and processes for marketing
  • Develop guidelines and policy for use of social media and blogs, including taking primary responsibility for IAIDQ social media sites/channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Stewardship of the ‘public’ aspects of our core brand values. The Director of Marketing should strive to help all other Board members and leaders within the IAIDQ remain consistent to these values and be seen to be acting in manners that are congruent to the stated values and ethics of the Association.
  • Stewardship and continuous improvement of the Style Guide
  • Development of consistent brand merchandising and signage for IAIDQ and Chapter organisations consistent with style guides and core brand image.

People who support this position

  • Executive officer assists implementation