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IQ International Journal

Vol. 11 Issue 1—December 2015

In this edition…

From the IAIDQ President

By: Karen Way MHA, President of IAIDQ

From the Editor

By: Ken Self IQCP, IAIDQ Vice President and Acting Editor-in-Chief

A Finance Perspective to COPDQ (cost of poor data quality)

By: Sikke van der Zee IQCP

Statistical Process Control and its Relevance in Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting

By: Laura Sebastian-Coleman IQCP, Rajesh Jugulum, Christopher Heien IQCP, Raj Vadlamudi, and Don Gray, Cigna, Bloomfield CT USA

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The IQ Internatonal Journal is a publication of the International Association for Information and Data Quality

This Issue’s Editor: Ken Self

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