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Why Choose the IQCP Credential?

Distinguishing Features

You may have heard of related certifications or certificates. What makes the IQCP special?

The following features distinguish the IQCP credential from others:

Focus on Information/Data Quality. Unlike many related certification or certificate programs, the IQCP credential focuses on information/data quality, not information or data management. This is consistent with the establishment of information/data quality as distinct profession with its own body of knowledge and skill set.

Comprehensive. The IQCP credential is not based on a specific methodology, IQ school of thought, tool, etc. This ensures that as IQCP, you will be possess a broad and deep mastery of the full information quality discipline, allowing you to succeed in all business segments.

Rigorous development process. The process followed by IAIDQ complies with widely accepted standards and regulations such as the ISO/IEC 17024 and the Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs, published by the USA National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA, 2002).

Continuous professional growth. Earning the IQCP credential is not a one time event. Certification must be maintained through ongoing experience and professional development. This ensures that IQCPs will keep their skills current to meet the evolving needs of the marketplace.

IAIDQ will also conduct periodic Job Analysis/Role Delineation studies and update the credential accordingly, to ensure that the certification reflects current best practices, skills and knowledge requirements.

Worldwide acceptance and recognition. The IQCP credential was developed by a broad, international group of information/data quality experts, including practitioners, consultants, and academics. In addition, the credential has been endorsed by many country-specific information/data quality associations, and by several universities worldwide. This ensures that as you move across borders, your IQCP credential will always be recognized and valued.

Other Attributes

No course required. Though refresher training may be advisable for many, no training course is required before a candidate is able to take the certification exam.

Affordable cost. The IQCP is more affordable than other related certifications currently available.

Benefits of Certification

The benefits of certification are many and include:

Individual benefits

  • Increased knowledge and mastery of the Information/data quality discipline
  • Recognition of professional competence by peers around the globe
  • Greater credibility and recognition within your organization
  • Greater credibility and recognition in the marketplace
  • Self-satisfaction and validation of my expertise
  • Higher pay/greater pay opportunities
  • Faster career advancement/promotion
  • Better career options

Organizational benefits

  • Increase the quality and consistency of the information/data quality training available to employees
  • Provide a benchmark against which to assess internal their information/data quality practices.
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders the organization's commitment to and adoption of a global standard for information quality
  • Employee development and recognition
  • Leverage a skilled staff to reduce costs and increase revenue by through high information quality

IAIDQ's goals are to:

  • Build and maintain a body of knowledge and certification program for information and data quality.
  • Develop means for information and data quality practitioners to connect, learn and succeed.
  • Raise the profile and recognition of the information/data quality profession.

By earning the IQCP credential from IAIDQ, you are not only being recognized by your peers worldwide for your competence, you are also demonstrating your commitment to the global IQ/DQ community and discipline.