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IQCP Recertification Credit Matrix


Division Section Category
(Activities Must be IQ-Related*)
Credits & Calculations
(Min 60 RCs^ every 3 years)
Max RCs^
Professional Development
(1) Attending Conferences 2 RCs per day for conferences listed on the IAIDQ calendar
1 RC per day for Other Conferences
(2) Completing Professional Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars
(In person, online, or thru media such as DVDs)
0.50 RCs per Instruction hour
(3) Completing College / University Education Courses
(In person or online)
3 RCs per Semester Unit
2.25 RCs per Quarter Unit
(4) Maintaining Professional  / Academic Memberships
(Cannot be Social or Cultural)
0.50 RC per month for IAIDQ membership
0.25 RC per month for membership of other Academic/Professional Bodies
(5) Attending Professional / Academic Membership Meetings
(Cannot be Social or Cultural)
1 RC per IAIDQ meeting at a conference
0.10 RCs per IAIDQ local meeting
0.50 RCs per Other bodies‡ annual meeting
0.05 RCs per Other bodies‡ monthly meetings
Growing & Strengthening Our Community
Publishing & Instructing
(6) Publishing Books
(Author / Co-Author / Editor)
15 RCs for Authoring
10 RCs for Co-Authoring
5 RCs for Editing
(7) Publishing / Presenting Conference Papers
(Author or Presenter / Co-Author or Co-Presenter)
4 RCs for Presenting
2.50 RCs for Co-Presenting
(8) Publishing Articles, White Papers, Reports & Blogs
(Author / Co-Author / Editor)
Journal or newsletter articles 800–2500 words:
1 RC Authoring
0.50 RC Co-authoring
White Papers between 2,500–5,000 words with references:
3 RCs Authoring
1 RC Co-authoring is
0.25 RC Editing
Reports more than 5,000 words with references:
5 RCs Authoring
3 RCs Co-authoring
1 RC Editing
0.25 RC per month fpr Authoring a blog with at least two 500-word postings per month
(9) Teaching / Presenting Professional Development Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars / Conference Tutorials 1.50 RCs for Teaching per hour of Instruction Time
1 RC for Co-Teaching per hour of Instruction Time
Serving & Mentoring
(10) Serving in Member Associations
(Elected and Volunteer Positions)
1 RC / month for IAIDQ
0.50 RC / month for Other Associations
(11) Mentoring Other Practitioners 0.10 RCs / hour
(12) Maintaining Employment 0.50 RCs / month w/<=100 hours IQ work
1 RC / month w/>100 hours IQ work

* “IQ-related” means relating to and consistent with any of the six Domains and the associated Tasks, Knowledge and Skills of the IQCP framework. Please refer to the Job Analysis Report for a full list of Domain topics and their descriptions.

^ RC = Recertification Credits

‡ Refers to membership of a professional association or a learned sociary as described below:

  • A professional association (also called a professional body, professional organization, or professional society) is usually a nonprofit organization seeking to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest.
  • A learned society (also known as a learned academy, scholarly society or academic association) is an organization that exists to promote an academic discipline or profession, or a group of related disciplines or professions.