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IQCP Recertification Process


Congratulations! The IAIDQ IQCP credential is indeed the globally recognized professional badge of honor for information and data professionals around the world. Earning this credential confirms that you have successfully demonstrated depth of expertise in a wide range of topics within the six major Domain areas of Knowledge and Skills as identified in The Job of the Information/Data Quality Professional Report  2011 (aka Job Analysis Report).

By maintaining your IQCP credential through re-certification, you confirm your commitment to ongoing professional development in order to keep your skills and knowledge current. It also confirms that you continue to subscribe to the IAIDQ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

To maintain the integrity of your certification, IAIDQ requires that you recertify every three years. The purpose of recertifying is to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge originally demonstrated when you first qualified for certification. If you do not recertify, your certification will expire and IAIDQ will no longer recognize your IQCP credential. If this happens, you will no longer be allowed to use “IQCP” after your name or on any of your correspondence. Your name will also be removed from the IAIDQ website list of IQCP credential holders.

The simplest method of recertification is to maintain a Journal which records your Recertification Activities.

To qualify for Recertification, you need to obtaining a minimum of 60 Recertification Credits (RCs) within your three-year Recertification Period and record these in your Journal. As you will see on the pages that follow, you may accumulate the 60 RCs from professional and academic activities that either increase your knowledge within the six (6) IQCP Domains, and/or through activities that are job enhancing. All activities must be completed within your three-year Recertification Period to qualify.

Additionally, all Recertification Activities must be IQ-related — meaning that the activity relates and is consistent with at least one of the six (6) Domains and the associated Tasks, Knowledge and Skills of the IQCP framework.

You will find many helpful and new tips for Recertification included in the Journal. If you do not find what you are looking for, please email IAIDQ (iqcp [AT] with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Again, congratulations on achieving your IQCP Certification!


1. Identify Your Certification & Renewal Dates:

  • Your IQCP credential is valid for three (3) years from the date you were first Certified (or Recertified), after which you must renew. By Recertifying, you confirm your commitment to ongoing professional development in order to keep your Knowledge and Skills current.
  • Before doing anything, be sure to identify and record your Certification and Renewal Dates in the boxes below: (Please use the ISO8601 date format throughout the Journal: yyyy‑mm‑dd)

My Certification Date:


My Renewal Date:


2. Way to Recertify:

  • Submit the Recertification Application AND the Recertification Journal documenting the required level of ongoing professional development;

3. Familiarize Yourself with Your Recertification Journal:

We recommend that you begin documenting your professional activities in this Journal as soon as you earn your IQCP credential. Before starting, however, please familiarize yourself with each of the following sections:

  • Recertification Credit Matrix: This section provides a quick reference for how many RCs you can earn for what type of Recertification Activities.
  • Recertification Descriptions & Activity Logs: This section provides detailed information about accepted Recertification Activities, Recertification Credit calculations, and documentation that you must keep in the event you are selected for an audit. An example of how to fill out each type of Recertification Activity is also given.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This section provides clarification for filling out the Journal, recording your Recertification Activities, calculating your RCs, and filling out the separate Recertification Application.

4. Record Your Recertification Activities:

  • First, save the Recertification Journal template to your computer. You will continue to update this document with all your Recertification Activities throughout your three-year Recertification Period.
  • After completing an activity, update the Journal with the activity details—filling in all fields on each Activity Log page—and save the file. (Note: Journal must be updated in English.)
  • Be sure to collect all associated documentation and store it in a safe place in the event you are audited. All documentation must be kept for three (3) years after your Certification Renewal Date in case you are audited. (Note: Do not submit this documentation with your Journal unless you receive an audit notice.)
  • IMPORTANT: To qualify for IQCP Recertification, your activities must be “IQ-related”. In this context, “IQ-related” means relating to and consistent with any of the six (6) Domains and the associated Tasks, Knowledge and Skills of the IQCP framework. Please refer to the Job Analysis Report for a full list of Domain topics and their descriptions.

5. Reviewing Your Recertification Journal:

  • After all of your activities have been updated and you have achieved the minimum 60 RCs required for Recertification, review all entries to make sure that all fields have been filled in correctly.
  • Verify that you have all required documentation in the event you are audited. Be sure to store this documentation in a safe place. Do not submit this documentation with your Journal. 

6. Signing Your Recertification Journal:

  • After you have reviewed all your activities and Recertification Credits and your Journal is complete, go to the electronic signature at the end of the Journal template and fill in your signature. Journals will not be accepted without a signature. 

7. Completing Your Recertification Application Form:

  • In order to ensure that your Personal and Employment Details are current, please do not fill out the Recertification Application more than six (6) months prior to your Certification Renewal Date.
  • Once you have completed the minimum required Recertification Credits and are within six (6) months of your Renewal Date, submit your Recertification Log and follow its instructions.

8. Submitting Your Recertification Journal:

  • Once you have completed, reviewed and signed both your Recertification Journal and your Recertification Application, and are within six (6) months of your Renewal Date, save and email both documents to
  • Both the Recertification Journal and the Recertification Application must be submitted together to IAIDQ no more than six (6) months before or six (6) months after your Certification Renewal Date. If you are unable to submit your Recertification Journal and Application during that 12 month window, you will need to retake the Certification Exam to continue your IQCP credential.
  • If you are unable to email the documents, you can print and mail the documents to:

6920 Brookmill Rd
Baltimore, MD 21215 USA