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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 9: Teaching Professional Training Courses

Category Description:

Credit is given for teaching/presenting an IQ-related non-college/non-university professional development training course, workshop, seminar, conference tutorial, or online webinar during your Recertification Period. Courses must be taught above and beyond regular job duties (i.e. not developed or taught as part of your regular job, for which you can receive credit under Category 12.)

  • Presenting/teaching a course earns 1.5 RCs per hour of actual instruction time.
  • Co-Presenting/co-teaching a course earns 1 RC per hour of actual instruction time.

RC Example:

  • Teaching one 3-hour seminar (4.50 RCs) and co-teaching one 8-hour conference tutorial (8 RCs) during your three-year Recertification Period would earn you a total of 12.50 RCs.

Proof of Completion:

  • Proof of having taught an accepted training course requires an official letter or email from the institution, organization, school, business, or conference through which the course was taught. (Must show institution/event name, course name/number, presenter/teacher name, date(s), and times or number of hours taught.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for attending conferences is given under Category 1.
  • Credit for attending pre- and/or post-conference tutorials or other professional training is given under Category 2.
  • Credit for completing college/university education courses is given under Category 3.
  • Credit for publishing/presented papers at conferences is given under Category 7.
  • Credit for maintaining employment, including teaching educational or professional training course as part of employment is given under Category 12.

Activity Log Example:

Course Name / Number: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Data Governance
Link to Course Info: http://www.[website].com
Institution / Event Name: IDQ 2013
 Course Location: Little Rock, AR USA
Instructor Name(s): Jane  Doe
Contribution: Presenter/Trainer ✔      Co-Presenter/Co-Trainer  
Course Type: Conference Tutorial # of Hours Taught: 8.00
Course Date(s): 2013-11-07 To:       -   -       # RCs Claimed: 12.00