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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 8: Publishing Articles, White Papers, Reports & Blogs

Category Description:

Credit is given for authoring or co-authoring journal or newsletter Articles, authoring, co-authoring or editing White Papers or Reports, and for authoring and maintaining a regular Blog during your Recertification Period. All publications must be original works and must be IQ-related.

  • Articles: Original IQ-related journal or newsletter Articles (print or online) must be between 800 – 2,500 words and need not have references. Authoring an Article earns 1 RC. Co-authoring an Article earns 0.50 RC.
  • White Papers: Original IQ-related White Papers (print or online) must be between 2,500 – 5,000 words and must include references. Authoring a White Paper earns 3 RCs. Co-authoring a White Paper earns 1 RC. Editing a White Paper earns 0.25 RC.
  • Reports: Original IQ-related White Papers (print or online) must be at least 5,000 words and must include references. Authoring a Report earns 5 RCs. Co-authoring a Report earns 3 RCs. Editing a Report earns 1 RC.
  • Blogs: Authoring and maintaining an original and regular IQ-related monthly blog with at least two 500-word postings per month earns .25 RC per month.

RC Example:

  • Authoring three Articles (3 RCs) and one White Paper (3 RCs) during your three-year Recertification Period earns you a total of 6 RCs.

Proof of Content & Publication:

  • Proof of Article, White Paper, Report or Blog content and publication requires a paper copy or access to an online copy of the original work or abstract. (Must show title, author/co-author/editor names, publishing company, publishing date, and publication name, if applicable.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for publishing books is given under Category 6.
  • Credit for publishing/presented papers at conferences is given under Category 7.

Activity Log Example:

Paper Title: Diffusion of Innovations: A Primer for Information Quality Change Leaders
Link to Publication:
Publication Name: IAIDQ IQ Journal
Author Name(s): Joy Medved & Lwanga Yonke
Publication Type: Article ✔      White Paper      Report      Blog
Contribution: Author      Co-Author ✔     Editor
Publication Date: 2013-04-01 # RCs Claimed: 0.50