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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 7: Publishing / Presenting Conference Papers

Category Description:

Credit is given for authoring/presenting or co-authoring/co-presenting an IQ-related paper at a professional or academic conference during your Recertification Period.

  • Authoring/presenting a paper earns 4 RCs.
  • Co-authoring/co-presenting a paper earns 2.5 RCs.

RC Example:

  • Authoring and presenting one paper (4 RCs) and co-authoring and presenting another paper (2.50 RCs) during your three-year Recertification Period earns you a total of 6.5 RCs.

Proof of Content:

  • Proof of course content requires a copy of one of the following: Course Flyer, Description Sheet, or Course Outline/Syllabus. (Must show Proof of paper content requires a copy of the Paper Abstract and a list of IQ-related topics.

Proof of Publication / Presentatoin:

  • Proof of having published and/or presented an accepted paper requires a copy of one of the following: Program Guide, Program Outline/Schedule. (Must show conference name, author(s)/presenter(s) name(s), paper title and description, and conference dates.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for attending conferences is given under Category 1.
  • Credit for publishing books is given under Category 6.
  • Credit for publishing journal articles, white papers, reports and blogs is given under Category 8.
  • Credit for teaching non-college/university education courses, above and beyond your regular job duties is given under Category 9.

Activity Log Example:

Presentation Title: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Information & Data Quality
Link to Presentation Info: http://www.[website].com
Conference Name: IDQ 2013
Conference Location: Little Rock, AK USA
Author Name(s): Jonathan Doe
Contribution: Author/Presenter ✔     Co-Author/Co-Presenter
Publication Date: 2011-11-06 # RCs Claimed: 4.00