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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 6: Publishing Books

Category Description:

Credit is given for authoring, co-authoring, or editing an IQ-related book published during your Recertification Period.

  • Authoring a book earns 15 RCs.
  • Co-authoring a book earns 10 RCs.
  • Editing a book earns 5 RCs

RC Example:

  • Co-Authoring one book (15 RCs), and editing another book (5 RCs) published during your three-year Recertification Period earns you a total of 20 RCs.

Proof of Content:

  • Proof of book content requires a copy of the Book Abstract/Description and the Table of Contents. (Must list IQ-related topics.)

Proof of Publication:

  • Proof of having published an accepted book requires a copy of the Copyright/CID Page, and a copy of the front and back book covers. (Must show book title, ISBN, applicable author/co-author/editor names, publishing company, and publishing date.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for publishing/presented papers at conferences is given under Category 7.
  • Credit for publishing journal articles, white papers, reports and blogs is given under Category 8.

Activity Log Example:

Book Title: The Greatest Information & Data Quality Book in the World
Link to Book Info: http://www.[website].com
Book 13-Digit ISBN: 000-0-00-000000-0
Publishing Company: J&J’s Publishing, Inc.
Author Name(s): Jane & John Doe
Contribution: Author ✔      Co-Author      Editor
Publication Date: 2014-02-14 # RCs Claimed: 5.00