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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 12: Maintaining Employment

Category Description:

Credit is given for maintaining either full-time or part-time IQ-related employment during your Recertification Period. (Note: Employment does not need to be in an IQ field, nor does the position held need to be IQ-specific; however, the practitioner should be able to identify how and what portion of their duties are IQ-related.).

  • Employment averaging less than 100 hours of IQ-related work per month earns 0.50 RC per month.
  • Employment averaging more than 100 hours of IQ-related work per month earns 1 RC per month.

RC Example:

  • Maintaining employment for 36 months that averaged less than 100 hours per month of IQ-related work during your three-year Recertification Period would earn you a total of 18 RCs.

Proof of Employment:

  • Proof of having maintained IQ-related employment requires a written job summary. (Must state your name, job title, job description, and hours worked, and must identify how the hours you are claiming are IQ-related.)

Proof of Self-employment:

  • Proof of having maintained IQ-related self-employment requires a written summary of projects. (Must state your name, job title, job description, list of projects, dates and hours worked, and identify how your job duties are IQ-related.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for publishing journal articles, white papers, reports and blogs is given under Category 8.
  • Credit for teaching non-college/university education courses, above and beyond your regular job duties is given under Category 9.
  • Credit for serving a professional or academic association in an elected or volunteer position is given under Category 10.
  • Credit for mentoring other practitioners is given in Category 11.

Activity Log Example:

Job Title: Business Intelligence Manager
Company Name: Acme, Inc.
Link to Company Info: http://www.[website].com
Employment Dates: 2013-07-01 To: 2014-04-15 Total # of Months: 9.50
# of Months with: Less than 100 h IQ work: 0.50 More than 100 h IQ work: 9.00
# RCs Claimed: 9.50