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IQCP Recertification descriptions and activity logs

Category 11: Mentoring Other Practitioners

Category Description:

Credit is given for mentoring other practitioners in IQ-related activities during your Recertification Period. Mentoring must be done above and beyond regular job duties (i.e. mentoring must not be for co-workers or subordinates during work as part of your normal day-to-day job duties; employment credit is given under Category 12.)

  • Mentoring other practitioners earns 0.10 RC per hour.

RC Example:

  • Mentoring two (2) individuals 5 hours per month each, for 10 months each during your three-year Recertification Period would earn you a total of 10 RCs.

Proof of Completion:

  • Proof of IQ-related mentoring requires a log or a letter identifying mentoring activities. (Must state both practitioners’ names, a list of mentoring activities, dates and hours spent mentoring, and IQ-related topics.)

Credit Notes:

  • Credit for maintaining employment, including teaching educational or professional training course as part of employment is given under Category 12.

Activity Log Example:

Mentee Name: John Smith
General Mentoring Topics: IQCP Preparation: data quality, data governance fundamentals fundamentals
Mentoring Date(s): 2014-01-01 To: 2014-06-01 Total # of Hours: 50.00
# RCs Claimed: 5.00