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IAIDQ Affiliates

IAIDQ is partnering with local Information Quality associations and organizations around the world to bring IQCPSM to you. Affiliates will provide the education and training to you locally in getting ready for the IQCP exam.

If you are interested in becoming an IAIDQ Affiliate, please contact us at iqcp [at] iaidq [dot] org  



QIBRAS — Information Quality Brazil, is a non-profit association of companies and professionals aiming to improve strategies, methodology and techniques on information and data quality in their professional and academic activities. The association aims to provide the fundamental skills for the market to understand and overcome the challenges of information quality in Brazil. Founded in 2010, QIBRAS is the first organization dedicated to information quality in Latin America. 



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Daten und Informationsqualität e.V. (DGIQ) founded 2003, registered 2005 is a non-profit, vendor-neutral professional society based in Germany. DGIQ organizes round-table meetings, conferences, best-practice-days, publishes the Information Quality Compendium, offers IQ-Classes (1-3), IQM-Business Simulations, tools and documented cases to its members and partially to the public. DGIQ is the leading source for DQ/IQ related information in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Academic, Educational and Government Institutions

IAIDQ is partnering with universities, schools and government agencies around the globe endorsing the IQCPSM Framework, enhancing the adoption and further development of the Information Quality performance domains and knowledge areas. IQCP is setting the standard for the Information Quality Profession.

United States

UALR IQ Graduate Program

University of Arkansas at Little Rock:
Information Quality Graduate Program



University of South Australia:
School of Information and Computer Science

IQCP Sponsors

IQCP Sponsors represent the growing community of organizations endorsing and supporting the IQCP framework and certification.



Data Governance Institute



Castlebridge Associates

Global Data ExcellenceGlobal Data Excellence

Granite Falls

One Truth Enterprise