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What Others are Saying about the IQCP Credential

Task Whittaker (UK) From a personal perspective, (IQCP) offers some form of credibility to my capabilities and hopefully be a differentiator for any future opportunities.
Gordon Hamilton (Canada) and Adrian Bennett (Australia)
IQCP Spotlight

Gordon: "To me the IQCP means that I’ve really got to start studying, because I now represent the leading edge of a speciality that can revolutionize information quality throughout the world."

Adrian: "The IQCP provides a benchmark for professionals and assurance for organisations regarding professionals with the certification."
Ronald Damhof (Netherlands) "IQCP, a means to an end — it is all about quality"
Chen Liu (China) "I believe preparing for IQCP is a good approach to learning DQ ideas, theories and practices that are already adopted in US and Europe for years."
Peter Audooren (Belgium) "I think IQCP will be helpful by promoting data quality and the IQCP and by becoming a genuine community of people collaborating, sharing, contributing."
Ronald Damhof (Netherlands) The certification process was extremely well prepared, grounded in known research and adheres to widely accepted standards and regulations such as the ISO/IEC 17024 … [The] IQCP grounded me in quality even more than I already was.”
Alice Hill, Managing Director of, as quoted in Data Informed. [Work] experience can be a key factor in some certifications. For example, by building in a three-year work requirement to the IQCP, the International Association of Information and Data Quality made its certification that much stronger….“The fact that the [data quality certification] is requiring as a prerequisite  three years of work experience and hours performing, leading or directing information work within the IQCP framework is an acknowledgement of tying hands on experience with additional learning.