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Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Is this certification aimed at IT or Business (e.g. non-IT) people?
Both — it is aimed at professionals of all disciplines. Anyone engaged in improving data or information quality will benefit from the certification, regardless of their work function or discipline.
Is this certification aimed at staffers/individual contributors or managers?
Both — in order to provide high quality information in an organization, both individual contributors and their managers need to have a skilled knowledge in IQ practice.
Can IQ Consultants be certified?
Yes — consultants who have gained the requisite experience can benefit greatly from certification as this will enhance the quality of the services they offer to their clients.
How do I attain certification?
By meeting specific work/experience requirements, by signing the IQ International Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and by taking and passing the IQCP examination, a three-hour, 150-questions, closed-book multiple choice exam provided online from anywhere in the world.
How are pre-requisite criteria validated?
During the application process, applicants provide information about their work experience and education to show how they satisfy the eligibility criteria. A sample of applications will be audited. If selected for the audit, candidates or IQCP recipients are responsible for providing the documentation necessary to verify any of the statements they made in their application.
Are there any discounts available?
IQ International members receive a discount. Non-members are encouraged to join IQ International to benefit from the discount, and will be able to so via the IQCP application process. See fees and discounts.
Do I have to be a member of the IQ International to achieve certification?
No. However, we hope you consider joining to enjoy the many benefits of membership, including discounts for the certification fees and for events worldwide.
How long will my certification last?
After assessing your application, you are qualified to hold the IQCP credential for three every three years.
  • We will invoice you every twelve months
  • Each year you must submit a re-certification journal that documents a minimum level of ongoing professional development.
    • For years 1 and 2, the requirements are minimal
    • For year 3, more comprehencsive evidence is required
    Read the criteria on the Recertification web page.
  • After payment and receipt of satisfactory journal, IQ International will issue a certificate for the next 12 months
How do I renew my certification?
See the Recertification Program page for updated information.