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Exam Process

If you are eligible to take the exam, IQ International will issue you

  • an invoice for the application fee and exam fee;
  • a notice to schedule the exam at a time convenient to you.

You submit your exam scheduling request at least seven business days before your exam preferred date . 

IQ International sends you a confirmation notice with instructions about how to register for the Web-based test with the proctoring company named ProctorU.

Unless specified otherwise, the exams are Internet based and monitored by an online proctor (ProctorU). For additional information review the online proctor's test taking process.

On the exam date shown on your confirmation from the Web-based proctoring company ProctorU, follow the instructions provided to login and take the test. It is a computer-based exam. You will receive your results within two to three weeks of the date of your exam. (For a video of how it works check out ProctorU now.) 

If you passed the Exam, congratulations! IQ International will send you a credential certificate and instructions on how to use your IQCP credential.

    1. If you did not pass the exam, you can make plans to re-take it.
    2. Complete the IQCP exam retake application form.

Special Needs

If you have special needs we will work with you to provide reasonable arrangements such as:

  • Handicapped or reasonable administration conditions, in accordance with the United States Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA 1990) and with our own belief that all test centers should be accessible to all individuals
  • Non-Saturday or Sunday test administration for religious reasons
  • Provisions for registrants with visual, hearing, or physical impairments
  • Consultation concerning disability matters

Candidates who need special accommodation will be able to request it when applying for the certification.